DBE lighting

If an outdated and inefficient lighting system is applied, it may more often than not lead to an extensive energy consumption, and that, in consequence, generates unnecessary costs, especially in large companies or production plants. In addition, the lighting system, which has been inappropriately adjusted and inadequately utilized, diminishes safety and comfort in a working place. Such lighting systems need to be modernized! Regular savings in this area may amount to 50-60% of costs, whereas a pay-back period does rarely exceed 3 years.

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What do we offer?

DBE lighting entails complex services for lightning modernization which aim to improve its energy efficiency. According to the basic scope of the service, potential to save energy in that area is identified (a free-of-charge audit is executed based on information provided by a client). Depending on a client's needs, we offer:

  • a project concept for lighting modernization (it includes additionally a set of good practices whose implementation may contribute to immediate savings),
  • project implementations together with financing in the ESCO or EPC model.

While designing lighting modernization models, we the use of the most advanced LED lightning technology, the IOT systems and a lightning control system.

LED lightning technology

IOT systems

Control systems

Examples of possible savings:

Modernization Replacement of sodium-vapour lamps with a new type of LED lighting fixtures Replacement of MH lighting with LED lighting fixtures equipped with DALI systems Modernization of MH lighting in a production facility (LED fixtures + DALI steering system)
Current fixtures power 450 W 400 W 400 W
New fixtures power 95 W 150 W 150 W
The number of fixtures 970 szt. 240 szt. 103 szt.
Average savings value for final energy 254 toe 75,3 toe 37 toe
Investment expenditures 950 000 PLN 200 000 PLN 263 110 PLN
Annual savings 1 200 000 PLN 72 500 PLN 97 159 PLN
Pay-back period 1,26 SPBT 2,76 SPBT 2,71 SPBT

How does a client benefit?

  • immediate and free-of-charge information
    on potential to generate savings in the lighting area
  • an investment without expenditures
    if the DBE financing option has been selected
  • a possibility to have an investment partially financed
    a special offer adjusted to a client's needs and possibilities
  • a complete set of improvements
    together with an economical profitability assessment and a selection of the best technical solutions
  • savings
    lower electricity bills
  • comfort and safety in a working place
    better lighting systems lead to higher staff performance
  • minimized lighting maintenance costs
    thanks to already adopted practices and executed investments, costs of repair and maintenance, costs driven by malfunctions or stoppages are significantly reduced
  • a high quality product
    fixtures with the highest standards and perfectly adjusted to real needs
  • a quick pay-back period