DBE energy efficiency products

Having gained extensive experience in the sector of energy efficiency for industry, we know exactly which investments prove to gain substantial savings, and when a back period of fewer than 3 years may be achieved. Therefore, our focus is directed towards the following solutions thanks to which our clients are able to reduce their energy consumption without substantial expenditures to estimate energy efficiency of all installations.

DBE lighting

If an outdated and inefficient lighting system is applied, it may more often than not lead to an extensive energy consumption, and that, in consequence, generates unnecessary costs, especially in large companies or production plants. In addition, the lighting system, which has been inappropriately adjusted and inadequately utilized, diminishes safety and comfort in a working place. Such lighting systems need to be modernized! Regular savings in this area may amount to 50-60% of costs, whereas a pay-back period does rarely exceed 3 years.


DBE cogeneration

Combined production of electric power and heat, also called cogeneration, consists of effective utilization of heat which is generated in the electrical energy production in a gas engine. Thanks to that, it is possible to attain very high energy efficiency of fuel and to diminish energy wastage, compared to a process of a separate electricity and heat production. The product is dedicated to companies which use heat and electrical energy to power their technological processes. Cogeneration and modernization of clients' own power sources are an appealing investment, which will always contribute to substantial savings – DBE attains pay-back periods of 3-4 years while implementing such projects.


DBE photovoltaics

A simple and efficient solution for companies which are willing to hold their own sources of renewable energy. Not only is the solution is environmental-friendly, but it also ensures at least partial independence from the market prices of electrical energy. Modernization in this area comes with a pay-back period of 7-8 years on average. It is an appealing time for renewable energy sources.


DBE drives

Electric drives account for more than 70% of electric energy consumed in the industry. As it results from our experience, drives do not operate efficiently due to imperfect controlling systems or their lack. Easy methods to control drives installations may lead to substantial savings. DBE has gained an average pay-back period in this field of 2.5 years.


DBE energy sources

Industrial energy sources are an indispensable element in an infrastructure of large and energy-consuming companies. They allow stable and competitive conditions to be achieved while controlling energy costs. They secure industrial production against lack of energy supply from the grid. Energy source modernization requires more often than not large investment expenditures. However, it contributes to larger-than-average savings. DBE energy sources ensures short pay-back periods – from 3 to 5 years, it also provides a possibility to have an energy source investment financed.


DBE compressed air

Numerous technological processes require an application of compressed air. Energy efficiency improvement for compressed air installation and its sources contributes to substantial savings – DBE compressed air provides a set of modernization concepts, for which a pay-back period does not exceed 2 years.


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