white certificates

energy-efficient investments thanks to white certificates!

White certificates

White certificates are otherwise known as Energy Efficiency Certificates issued by the President of the ERO (Energy Regulatory Office). They are an instrument that encourages entrepreneurs to make energy-saving investments. They also confirm the amount of energy saved as a result of implementing specific measures that aim to enhance energy efficiency.

white certificates

With white certificates:

  • Your investment will pay off sooner – due to the means earned from selling white certificates
  • You will gain good financial security – the price of white certificates on the Polish commodity exchange (known as TGE, which is an abbreviation for its official Polish name) rises every year, and termless certificates are a stable and secure investment

If you want to improve energy efficiency in your company and obtain a white certificate from the ERO, fill out the questionnaire. We will prepare an offer that will best meet the needs of your company

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We run the full process of obtaining white certificates – from the identification of an endeavour that can boost energy efficiency to cost settlements and the sale of white certificates.

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White certificates 2023.
What can you get them for?

Energy efficiency certificates are directed at companies or institutions planning to improve energy efficiency. They get additional funds for the implementation of such actions.

White certificates are awarded for energy efficiency improvement projects
in accordance with Article 19.1 of the Energy Efficiency Law. These include:

Insulation of industrial installations

Reconstruction or renovation of a building with technical installations and equipment

Modernisation or replacement of:

  • lighting
  • equipment and installations used in industrial processes or in energy or telecommunications or IT processes
  • local heating networks and local heat sources

Energy recovery, including energy recovery in industrial processes

Reduction of losses associated with the consumption, transmission or distribution of energy:

  • related to the consumption of reactive energy
  • of networks related to the transmission or distribution of electricity or natural gas
  • resulting from transformation
  • related to the operation of heating networks
  • related to power supply systems for telecommunications or information technology equipment

The use for heating or cooling of facilities of energy generated in RES installations, utility heat in high-efficiency cogeneration

White certificates: cost-effectiveness


You can trade the certificates on the Polish commodity exchange (TGE), and the unit of their value is the toe, or ton of oil equivalent (1 toe = 41.868 GJ = 11.63 MWh). The legal basis for obtaining them is the Energy Efficiency Law of May 20, 2016. The minimum value of a certificate that can be applied for is 10 toe (at least 116.3 MWh/418.68 GJ of final energy savings) for one activity or a group of activities of the same type.

The price per toe is variable. It is worth monitoring what the current rate per toe is.
White certificates are a good investment because their value is constantly increasing.

Check the current value of white certificates!

TGE indices

White certificates.
What is the process of obtaining them?


years of experience in the industry

  • 650 mil. PLN

    the value of the white certificates we have applied for, of which more than 350 million PLN have already been granted to our clients

  • 1300

    energy efficiency audits carried out

  • 65 000 toe

    record value of white certificates for a single project, obtained for the company Tameh

  • 23 industries

    for which we helped to obtain white certificates

Reduce your company's energy consumption with
DB Energy and get money from white certificates!

With us you will gain more!


Feedback and achievements

„Cooperation with DB Energy allowed us to acquire as much as 53 thousand toe! With full responsibility I can recommend the services of DB Energy. Employees of the company demonstrate full professionalism and substantive knowledge. The course of work is characterised by extreme reliability and accuracy. We are very satisfied with the results achieved and with all conviction recommend the above-mentioned company as a reliable partner in the search for energy-efficient solutions.”
Elżbieta Rozmus Energy Officer of PCC Rokita SA
„DB Energy comprehensively handled the audit with the preparation of full administrative documentation. They helped us build a design concept for the investment thanks to which we obtained 65 thousand toe for a single energy efficiency improvement project.”
Kristina Cervenkowa CEO of Tameh Polska sp. z o.o.
„DB Energy undertook the task of understanding our unique needs and goals related to green initiatives. Their team of experts was able to propose tailored solutions to improve the energy efficiency of our enterprise. The work performed fully exceeded our expectations. Thus, we recommend DB Energy as a partner fully prepared to provide comprehensive services in this area.”
Jan Litwin Director of the Department of Infrastructure DOZAMEL Sp. z o.o.
„DB Energy SA performed an energy and electricity audit of technological processes at the SM Spomlek plant in Radzyń Podlaski as part of the implementation of the NFOŚiGW Energy Efficiency Project. In the next stage, DB Energy developed 14 energy efficiency audits evaluating projects to increase energy efficiency. As part of this service, we obtained 3,667.853 toe. We recommend DB Energy as a reliable partner in the implementation of such services, which were performed professionally and to our full satisfaction.”
Władysław Pietruch Investment Technology Manager at SM Spomlek

We have acquired

for selected companies

65 000 toe 130 mln*


53 000 toe 111 mln*

PCC Rokita

9 160 toe 19 mln*

Swiss Krono

6 714 toe 1,4 mln*

Mondi Świecie SA

11 052 toe 23 mln*

Schumacher Packaging

* przy cenach z sierpnia 2023 r.

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