White Certificates

The Energy Efficiency Certificates are commonly called the white certificates (WC). They are issued by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office and serve as a confirmation for having implemented projects to reduce energy consumption. They are issued under the Energy Efficiency Act of May 20 2016.

The unit applied for the white certificates is toe – it stands for a ton of oil equivalent (1 toe = 41,868 GJ). The white certificates may be traded on the Polish Power Exchange.

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Who are WC for?

The white certificates are dedicated for companies which are planning energy efficiency improving implementations and which are interested in gaining additional resources for such implementations. Projects may include the following undertakings:

  • cooling systems modernisation,
  • replacing the traditional lighting with LED technology,
  • installation of systems for energy recovery,
  • thermal efficiency improvement,
  • technological processes automation.

What do we provide?

DB Energy is a leader on the white certificates market – we have prepared documentation to acquire the white certificates of more than 450k toe. We perform energy efficiency audits, carry out necessary measurements, we estimate the potential to save and draw up a motion to have the Energy Efficiency Certificate granted. We provide assistance while fulfilling other requirements in connection with the white certificate acquisition. Moreover, we are capable of implementing energy efficiency improving projects which the white certificates include.

How are WC granted?

1. A company arrives on a decision to implement a project.

2. An audit

An energy efficiency audit which includes:

  • elaboration of a project concept with various options
  • technical and economical assessment
  • savings estimation
  • risk and savings potential analysis

3. Filing a motion

Having acquired WC, it is possible to sign concurrently an agreement to have a project implemented or a preliminary agreement

  • 45 days for substantive appraisal

4. Project implementation

  • No necessity to follow a substantive and financial schedule
  • Only savings which have been achieved are subject to the appraisal

5. Completed implementation/post-completion audit

  • The audit should be performed within 45 days since the project becomes a fixed asset.

6. Declaration on project implementation and a motion to have the certificates listed on the Polish Power Exchange

  • within 14 days since an audit is completed

7. White certificates trading

  • White certificates are traded through a brokerage house – monies are returned on the basis of an invoice

DB Energy

Complex management of an energy efficiency improvement process including the designing phase, financing, implementation of energy-saving projects

Skilled engineers with broad experience in managing the process of energy efficiency improvement for the industry

Guaranteed reduction of energy consumption while implementing a project with DB Energy

Substantial effectiveness proved by savings generated by clients and the number of issued energy efficiency certificates (the white certificates) – we have prepared the documentation in order to acquire the white certificates of more than 450k toe which accounts for our leading position on the market

Practical solutions – our projects are bespoke and adjusted to the profile and expectations of a client

Advanced measurement infrastructure – with all measurements types required in the energy efficiency analysis, including the proprietary DiagSYS system