We provide complex services to control trouble-free and efficient operation of installations, machines and units. Diagnostics and monitoring systems priorly developed by our specialists are implemented in accordance with appropriately configured reports. It allows an optimal level of machines and units operation parameters to be maintained. As a component of the monitoring services, we recommend to apply the proprietary DiagSYS system together with an option to have the energy efficiency improvement process managed by a dedicated DB Energy specialist (Interim Energy Efficiency Manager – IEEM).

What do we provide?

We provide a client with a prepared complex concept for machines and units monitoring, as well as a selection of measurement equipment. A client is able to control permanently energy efficiency in their plant due to appropriately selected measurements and a correct data analysis. Under our services:

we provide various measurement types which are required while improving energy efficiency (i.e. electrical, physic-chemical, environmental measurements, liquids and gases measurements)

we provide the proprietary system for predictive diagnostics and energy efficiency control of rotating machines – DiagSys which is based on analysers of network operation parameters elaborated by our specialists (APPS)

we provide support of a specialist dedicated to a given company – Interim Energy Efficiency Manager (IEEM)

we train and educate clients how to utilize collected data, which indicators to use in order to evaluate machines and units performance and, finally, which methods to apply while managing an installation

at the client’s request we select and implement monitoring systems, we supervise their operation and deliver ready-made guidelines for maintenance employees

APPS – measuring device transmitting machine operation data to DiagSys system


  • A predictive diagnostics system used to evaluate rotating machines efficiency
  • Units efficiency control
  • The best mean to reduce running costs and, in consequence, to avoid electrical motor malfunctions
  • Minimised risk to damage a motor, a possibility to detect the majority of mechanical faults in the unit

Interim Energy Efficiency Manager (IEEM)

  • DB Energy specialist working on site
  • Our know-how and support of DB Energy highly specialized team
  • Constant energy efficiency monitoring for a company
  • Current identification of energy-efficient activities
  • Consultancy on financing models
  • Support while implementing a project

DB Energy

Complex management of an energy efficiency improvement process including the designing phase, financing, implementation of energy-saving projects

Skilled engineers with broad experience in managing the process of energy efficiency improvement for the industry

Guaranteed reduction of energy consumption while implementing a project with DB Energy

Substantial effectiveness proved by savings generated by clients and the number of issued energy efficiency certificates (the white certificates) – we have prepared the documentation in order to acquire the white certificates of more than 450k toe which accounts for our leading position on the market

Practical solutions – our projects are bespoke and adjusted to the profile and expectations of a client

Advanced measurement infrastructure – with all measurements types required in the energy efficiency analysis, including the proprietary DiagSYS system