Industrial Energy Audit guarantees savings for your company!

Industrial Energy Audits: check how to reduce energy consumption, reduce CO2 emissions and how much money might be saved!


Thanks to an audit you will learn:

  • which modernisations and retrofits allow energy consumption to be reduced in your company,
  • to what extend CO2 emissions will be reduced,
  • how much financial savings may be generated due to our recommendations, namely our modernisations and retrofits.

You will discover the savings potential in your company and we will deliver the concept on how to use it. We will also obtain white certificates, finance and implement a project, and you will benefit from your savings without engaging your own financial resources!

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Benefits of the company's energy audit


see how much you can save when energy costs are decreased – up to 40% per year.


see how to reduce the consumption of thermal and electrical energy, cooling energy, compressed air, water, etc. even by up to 40%.


learn how to contribute to climate protection and how to be zero-emissive.

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We provide several types of audits – see how they differ and choose the best option for your company!

Select the energy audit
you need the most

Key features of Walk through The company energy audit The energy efficiency audit
General description Preliminary, brief and low-cost identification of the potential to reduce energy consumption and emissions in the plant. Mandatory (for large companies) review of energy efficiency improvement opportunities across the company. Detailed and measurements-based audit for planned investments (or the entire plant), necessary to obtain financial support for the investment (White Certificates).
Purpose of the drafting The preliminary study on potential for efficiency-driven activities is used to perform an estimate plan to improve energy efficiency. Comprehensive energy review of the company, a long-term energy efficiency improvement plan and fulfilment of the audit obligation. Confirmation of the financial effect (savings) and technical effect (indicators, reduction of consumption, other) based on measurements. White Certificates.
Measurements n/a n/a Detailed measurements of operating parameters of installations and devices.
  • low price or a service free of charge
  • introduction to the plan or preparation of a zero-emission strategy
  • very short implementation time
  • list of investments and areas attractive to reduce consumption
  • comprehensive energy efficiency improvement plan
  • fulfilment of the audit obligation for large companies
  • short implementation time
  • comprehensive list of investments to be implemented
  • precise determination of savings and benefits
  • White Certificates
  • measurements – reduction of financial risk (precisely defined savings) and technical risk (precise determination of consumption reduction)
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Main audit areas



Buildings and internal


Our experience

We have conducted over 1 300 energy efficiency audits.

We have identified nearly PLN 2 billion of annual savings for our clients.

We have 13 years of experience in developing audits in various industrial sectors.

We have prepared documentation for white certificates with a value of more than 650 000 toe, which makes us the market leader.

DB Energy will provide your company with maximum savings and investment security

We reduce energy consumption in all industries

Mining industry


Food industry


Wood, paper and chemical industry


Building industry and infrastructure


Metalworking industries


Audits are an essential part
of the process to improve energy efficiency

How do we work?


  • processes and needs are recognised
  • energy balance sheet is performed
  • we become familiarized with the energy policy
  • we become familiarized with the technologies used


  • energy sources
  • energy distribution system
  • buildings and infrastructure
  • technological processes


  • acquired data and information is verified
  • data is analysed
  • possible measures are analysed
  • environmental impact is assessed

The results

  • presentation of energy-saving modernizations and retrofits possible to be implemented
  • assessment of the cost-effectiveness of modernization
  • recommendations for further action
  • offer of a project implementation and its financing

Comprehensive service of the entire
efficiency improvement process

of savings


  • Walk Through
  • Company Energy Audit
  • Energy Efficiency Audit
  • zero-emission strategies


  • detailed design concepts of specific energy-saving investments
  • guidelines for designers necessary to achieve maximum benefits and savings
  • construction projects

and implementation

  • financing of investments by DB Energy in the ESCO model
  • implementation of the investment by DB Energy as the General Contractor
  • maximizing benefits and savings

and monitoring

  • ongoing control of energy consumption and efficiency of devices and their diagnostics
  • continuous identification of further improvements in energy efficiency
  • long-term support for the implementation of the zero-emission strategy

Case study: zero-emission strategy

The steps to achieve climate neutrality which are implemented in our client's company representing the pharmaceutical industry, prepared on the basis of audits conducted.

Take a step towards a real zero-emission approach in your company

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