Audits are used as a tool to identify possibilities to improve energy efficiency in a company or a plant. Our offer entails the following audit types: a Walk Through audit, an EED audit (company energy audit) and AEE audit (energy efficiency audit). Once an audit is performed, DBE recommends implementation projects and potential investments. Such recommendations allow it to manage power costs more efficiently.

Industrial energy audits

Walk Through audits (WT)

  • An abbreviated version of an energy efficiency audit for a plant/an energy audit
  • Identification of the potential to reduce energy consumption
  • A list of undertakings aiming at energy efficiency improvement
  • Assessment of energy-saving and economical results of each undertaking based an energy balance in a plant
  • Short implementation period
  • Low implementation costs, free of charge while contracting further work to DB Energy

Company energy audits (CEA)

  • Obligatory for large-scale companies (under the Energy Efficiency Directive – EED)
  • Replaces/serves as an energy audit which confirms that activities have been taken in order to have ISO 50001 certified/recertified
  • Elaboration of a long-term plan for energy efficiency improvement in a plant
  • Elaboration of an optimal plan for implementing a particular modernisation/project
  • Considers an energy-saving and financial result
  • While contracting further work to DB Energy, it is conducted free of chargemore

Energy efficiency audits (EEA)

  • A detailed identification of technical aspects, energy-saving and financial results of a given modernisation
  • Crucial to acquire energy efficiency certificates (the white certificates)more
  • Confirmed reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emission which is required by some EU grant schemes
  • Detailed workflow measurements for audited devices and installations, with an application of the innovative and proprietary APPS device. We perform measurements of liquids and gas flow, temperature, humidity, pressure, compressed air, we also provide thermal-imaging measurements, environmental measurements
  • While contracting further work to DB Energy, it is conducted free of charge

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Our achievements

More than 1000 energy efficiency audits

Audits for many industrial sectors

More than PLC 1 billion savings for your clients

The white certificates of 450k toe

DB Energy

Complex management of an energy efficiency improvement process including the designing phase, financing, implementation of energy-saving projects

Skilled engineers with broad experience in managing the process of energy efficiency improvement for the industry

Guaranteed reduction of energy consumption while implementing a project with DB Energy

Substantial effectiveness proved by savings generated by clients and the number of issued energy efficiency certificates (the white certificates) – we have prepared the documentation in order to acquire the white certificates of more than 450k toe which accounts for our leading position on the market

Practical solutions – our projects are bespoke and adjusted to the profile and expectations of a client

Advanced measurement infrastructure – with all measurements types required in the energy efficiency analysis, including the proprietary DiagSYS system