Financing methods

Even if investments contribute to significant savings, and their pay-back period is very short, they often require large investment outlays to be available forthwith. We provide financing methods for such energy efficiency investments in the EPC (Energy Performance Contract) model or in the ESCO (Energy Saving Company) model.

Who is it addressed to?

  • companies without sufficient technical skills to implement a project autonomously
  • companies which anticipate to have an investment financed
  • a client who searches a guaranteed energy efficiency result



Establishing design concepts

Project financing

Project implementation and technical risk acquisition by DB Energy

Confirmed savings and fulfilling technical objectives

Savings achieved throughout a project are divided between an ESCO company a client, from the beginning of the project implementation



Establishing design concepts

Financing while a project is being implemented

Project implementation and technical risk acquisition by DB Energy

Confirmed savings and fulfilling technical objectives

One-off fee for DB Energy depending on an achieved technical result

Project financing by DB Energy and its advantages

  • Immediate savings – savings are generated already after one year since a project has been implemented
  • Financial and tax optimisation – a client does not commit their financial resources for a project
  • Guaranteed energy efficiency improvement of an industrial installation – operational costs optimisation – long-term profits growth of a company
  • Minimised technical risk of a project – DB Energy remains fully responsible for project implementation, as of the diagnostic and designing phase, while implementing and servicing over a longer period of time
  • Simplified purchase process – one entity is responsible for the entire process
  • Maximised savings – a fee depends on results which have been achieved
  • Analysis of secondary tasks which may contribute to further reduction of energy consumption

DB Energy

Complex management of an energy efficiency improvement process including the designing phase, financing, implementation of energy-saving projects

Skilled engineers with broad experience in managing the process of energy efficiency improvement for the industry

Guaranteed reduction of energy consumption while implementing a project with DB Energy

Substantial effectiveness proved by savings generated by clients and the number of issued energy efficiency certificates (the white certificates) – we have prepared the documentation in order to acquire the white certificates of more than 450k toe which accounts for our leading position on the market

Practical solutions – our projects are bespoke and adjusted to the profile and expectations of a client

Advanced measurement infrastructure – with all measurements types required in the energy efficiency analysis, including the proprietary DiagSYS system