Cogeneration for the industry - the new article on

This time we would like to provide information on a solution which may be applied to make a company independent from the continuously rising prices of electrical energy which is purchased within the grid. Is it economically viable given the current natural gas prices? Piotr Danielski, Ph.D.-Ing, the Vice President of the Management Board, provides an answer the following question - how big savings can be expected once such an investment is implemented?

Cogeneration may be applied with no need for investment expedintures. How is it possible? It can be achieved with the ESCO financing model. Which steps does this process entail? From the very beginning, that is, selecting a proper unit, until the final stage, namely its application in the plant. How long is the payback period? How is it influenced by the rapidly growing natural gas prices? The newest article on caters for more information. 
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