We have been awarded by the Council of Employer's Organization of Polish Copper!

On 14th October at the 25th anniversary of the Council of Employer's Organization of Polish Copper we have received the ASY statuette. We have been granted the award for our innovation and dynamic growth. Beata Staszków, the Council President, and Jerzy Nadolny, the Board President, handed over the award to Dominik Brach, the Vice President of DB Energy Management Board.

The award has been a grand acknowledgement and appreciation for the DB Energy team. Since we joined the Council of Employer's Organization of Polish Copper, DB Energy has transformed from an energy efficiency consulting company to a company which manages the entire process of energy-saving investment implementation in the industry These numbers speak of themselves: for 11 years we have conducted 1 200 energy efficiency audits. It has allowed investment projects to be generated with the savings potential of EUR 380 million. It has also provided for potential to reduce energy consumption by approx. 8.3 TWh.

We are very pleased that our achievements in implementing zero emission strategies and boosting energy efficiency have been acknowledged and appreciated. Thank you very much!