Application of high speed doors

In many companies we encounter that the production process is carried out in many buildings that are not directly connected. During internal transport we can deal with significant energy losses through gates and other transitions. The use of high speed doors allows you to avoid these losses and save significant amounts of energy.

In the analyzed plant, the flow of goods between individual buildings was required. Especially in the winter, this caused energy losses. The proposed modernization provided for the use of high-speed doors in order to optimize the flow of goods and reduce energy losses. These gates are used in industrial construction and in public utilities. They are energy-efficient, stop drafts and contribute to optimal control of the room climate.

The factory used old foil dams and old air curtains - both solutions proved very ineffective after the measurements.

As a result of the installation of high-speed gates, savings of 2.5 GWh / year have been achieved. The return period was less than 3 years.