Modernization of the blower on the evaporators

Process installations implemented by the client from steel industry operated on the basis of gas-powered electrolyte vaporizers. Modernization in the area of systems supplying air to gas burners have resulted in very beneficial effects to the plant.

The nominal demand for air, in case of 7 active vaporizers, was 16,660 m 3 / h (average of 2380 m 3 / h per one vaporizer), with the minimum pressure of 0.07 MPa.

At the time of conducting the audit, the air supply to the vaporizers was based on the old equipment, which was working without any control system, and that resulted in high energy consumption. The air was transported to the vaporizers, with great distance to be covered, via the technological pipeline.

In the event all vaporizers were working, more air had to be provided from the additional compressors, which in that case reduced the pressure on the inlet.

According to the auditor, high energy consumption was typical of the implemented solutions. The auditor assessed the costs of compressed air production and of the blast for the purpose of this process.

In order to reduce the manufacturing and operating costs of the technological blast installation, the Auditor proposed to build a new blowing station and to locate it near the active vaporizers- this solution was possible to be implemented in the plant concerned. Installation of a local blower station will eliminate pressure losses. Equipment performance should be properly selected, in order to avoid necessity of providing additional compressed air. Moreover, modern blowers has greater efficiency and much better adjustment properties.

As a result of the modernization, the energy consumption was reduced by ca. 7.82 GWh, with savings of USD 550,000.00 and investment expenditures of USD 315,000.00