Modernization of lighting in the area of technological process

Many companies can reduce electricity consumption in the area of lighting by undertaking simple actions, considered to be included in the broadly understood scope of the so called best practice. In one of the plants, 103,564 MWh of energy was reduced by using the solutions described below.

Solutions applied in case of a certain client operating in the construction industry:

  • clearing and repair of skylights, limiting the use of artificial lighting during daytime work,
  • providing staff training with reference to best practices concerning the lighting of the plant or, if possible, installation of motion detectors (elimination of unnecessary illumination in the areas with no workers currently present);
  • relocation of the installation site of selected luminaires, in order to improve lighting conditions at workstations,
  • other activities considered to be best practices.

This exemplary solutions show that even as far as best lighting practices are concerned, and with nearly no costs incurred, savings can be achieved with a view to obtain a White Certificate.