Modernization of the Simoldes Plasticos plant

DB Energy optimized energy consumption at the Simoldes Plasticos plant, one of the main producers of plastic products in Europe! Planned energy savings are over 25%!

Modernization of the Simoldes Plasticos sp. z o.o. in Jelcz Laskowice near Wrocław, Poland.

Project implemented in the ESCO formula, the total value of the project is aprox. EUR 500 thousand, the final planned average annual reduction in energy consumption is over 25%.
DB Energy conducted at Simoldes Plasticos sp. z o.o. detailed energy audit, as a result of which the following investments were recommended:

  • modernization of plastic injection molding machines,
  • modernization of the chilled water control system,
  • heat recovery from the compressor.

Modernization of plastic injection molding machines:

The project included optimization of electricity consumption in injection molding machines by incorporating a frequency converter into the circuit supplying the electric drive of the devices. The essence of the technology is controlled oil flow management, which, with the required lower machine efficiency, leads to energy savings. All other parameters of the injection molding machine remain unchanged.

  • The modernization of the machine park gives an energy effect in the form of reducing electricity consumption by over 2,000 MWh per year, i.e. by about 30%. The simple payback period is less than 2 years.

Modernization of the chilled water control system:

The project included the introduction of automatic control of the chilled water system, which will enable or disable the appropriate devices depending on the ambient temperature and will be optimized. Uncountable savings will be the elimination of idling work of refrigeration compressors, which will increase the achieved results.

  • Modernization, i.e. the introduction of automation controlling all devices in the ice water installation of the Simoldes plant, saves energy consumption at the level of approx. 500 MWh per year, i.e. approx. 35%. A simple payback period is less than 1.5 years!

Heat recovery from the compressor:

The project included the introduction of a waste heat recovery system in the exchanger (oil-water). The exchanger is connected in series to the compressor oil circulation system, where heat from the hot oil is transferred to the water used for building heat instalation, DHW or air heating. This action will reduce the amount of gas used foer heat producing.

  • Modernization gives annual average heat savings of approx. 1000 GJ. The simple payback period is 2 years.