Replacement of air compressors and construction of the override system

The purpose of the works carried out in a company operating in the metallurgical industry was to determine the energy and ecological effect of the investment involving the replacement of the compressors and the development of an override control system.

Up until now, compressed air production in the company has been performed by seven Atlas Copco fixed-rotary screw compressors, distributed in four compressor rooms on site. These devices were launched in the late 90's and worked under very difficult operating conditions.

In order to reduce the cost of the compressed air production at the plant, investment was implemented, involving the replacement of the compressors, which lost most of their efficiency, and the development of the override control system.

Based on the measurements, the amount of compressed air produced and the energy intensity ratio of the installation before and after the upgrade were determined. Upon carrying out the measurements, DBE assessed approximately 30% reduction in the energy intensity ratio (the energy consumption to production ratio).

After verifying the results obtained due to modernization, it turned out that we saved about 800.000 MWh of electricity, with investment expenditures not exceeding USD 200 thousand.