Installation of the compressed air recovery system from the process machine

At one of our clients' plants, DBE has installed the compressed air recovery system. As expected, this proved to be not only technically desirable, but also economically efficient.

Plastic injection molding technology uses blowing pressure of 30 to 36 bar for the main blow in the production process. The manufacturing process of plastic components consumes a lot of high-pressure air, and in consequence generates increased energy costs associated with the production of compressed air. The blown air, upon the completion of the molding cycle, was released into the atmosphere. The auditor proposed to build a system allowing for the recovery of compressed air, which would still have sufficient residual pressure and could be used for operation purposes.

Installation of the above described solution reduced the amount of air produced in the low pressure network by 29% over the year, which consequently resulted in savings at the level of USD 66 thousand. The payback period was less than one and a half years.