DB Energy has been awarded the CSR bronze medal by EcoVadis!

More and more companies apply the principles of sustainable development as they become more aware that the natural resources have been shrinking and the natural environment needs to be protected. Today the sustainable development serves to optimise business processes, to reduce operational risk, to minimize negative impact on a company’s image, and, to be more competitive on the market.

DB Energy, the leader of the energy efficiency market for the industry, has been supporting its clients so that they can develop while catering for the environment and natural resources. 

Last year the company was audited by the international rating agency  EcoVadis (the CSR audit). As a result, DB Energy was scored higher than 62% of all companies audited by the agency. The audit covered four main categories such as the natural environment, working conditions and human rights, ethical business practices and sustainable procurement. The company has been awarded the bronze medal due to the acquired result. 

EcoVadis is an international platform which facilities companies while suppliers evaluation, it helps to verify ethical practices and the impact on the natural environment and the society. Every year it audits 75,000 companies which represent various worldwide economic sectors. The EcoVadis methodology is basen on the international standards of sustainable business, namely, the Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact, ISO 26000 for social responsibility. Such an audit is supervised by the committee of scientists with the expertise in the sustainable development and the responsible supply chain.