Implementation of the company's development strategy

The General Meeting of Shareholders of DB Energy adopted a resolution on the issue of shares and transition to the Warsaw Stock Exchange Main Market. The Company wants to increase its share capital by issuing up to 415.000 Series D ordinary bearer shares, i.e. a 12% dispersion. The final decision belongs to the Management Board of the company.

22 December this year. The General Meeting of Shareholders of DB Energy adopted a resolution on a new share issue and transfer of shares to the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. 

On December 22nd, 2020. The General Shareholders Meeting of DB Energy decided to increase the company's share capital through an issue of Series D ordinary shares and to apply for admission and introduction of the company's shares to trading on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. 

The Company plans to increase the share capital from PLN 306.146 to no more than PLN 347.646 by issuing up to 415.000 Series D ordinary bearer shares with a par value of PLN 0.10 each. The D series shares shall be issued in the form of an open subscription conducted by way of a public offering. 

At the same time, the General Meeting of Shareholders authorised the Management Board of the company to take all actions aimed at transferring all shares of the company previously listed in the Alternative Trading System on the NewConnect market to the regulated market operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Private placement and debut on New Connect in 2019

In July 2019, DB Energy debuted on the NewConnect market. The debut was preceded by a private placement, under which the company issued 301,460 shares at an issue price of PLN 10.80 per share. As a result of the private placement, the company raised PLN 3.26 million, which was allocated for the development of services in the ESCO model, the establishment and development of the company in Germany, and work related to the commercialisation of the DiagSys project. 

On the first day of listing on the NewConnect market, DB Energy shares cost PLN 17 at the end of the day, i.e. an increase of 57.43%. The current price is over PLN 34 which translates into a capitalisation of PLN 104,1 million (as at December 22nd 2020). For comparison, on the debut day, the capitalisation was PLN 52.04 million.